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This document sets out the Health and Safety Policy Statement for Chesham Bois Lawn Tennis and Squash Club (“Club”).

Policy Statement

The Club recognises its obligation to its members, employees, contractors and visitors to manage the health and safety risks arising from its various activities and events, including:

  • the provision and maintenance of safe facilities and equipment (i) for the playing of both tennis and squash and (ii) generally within the Clubhouse and grounds;

  • the prevention of incidents and accidents;

  • the provision of information and instructions to members, employees, contractors and visitors from time to time regarding health and safety issues;

  • to undertake risk assessments from time to time and review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.


  1. Overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety in respect of the Club is vested in the Club Committee.

  1. The Tennis and Squash Committees have day-to-day responsibility for Health and Safety in connection with the management and organisation of facilities, activities and events associated with their respective sports.

  1. Key contacts on each of the Committees are as follows:

Club Chairman: Steve Ellis-Jones (tel: 07747 545573)

Squash Chairman: Rob Ballingall (tel: 01494 785922)

Tennis Chairman: Jeremy Evans (tel: 07956 324646)

Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that this policy is put into practice is delegated to the Club Manager.

  1. The Manager’s contact details are:

Tel: 01494 432932 (Club Office)


  1. Members, employees, contractors and visitors need to take reasonable care of their own health and safety while on the Club premises. If at any time you have any health or safety concerns or wish to report a health and safety risk, please contact the Club Manager as per paragraph 4 above.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a fire or other incident necessitating the need to evacuate the Clubhouse, there are two fire exits, both clearly marked – either through the front door of the Clubhouse or through the far patio door in the clubroom.

Should the patio door be locked, a key is available by the door – break the glass case affixed to the wall to access the key.

Fire instructions are located throughout the Clubhouse:

  • on the wall to the right of the kitchen entrance,

  • in the entrance lobby, and

  • to the left of the Club office door on the squash balcony.

Fire extinguishers are located in the Clubhouse at various points:

  • in the entrance lobby by the Bar entrance,

  • by the squash noticeboards,

  • in the corridor towards squash court 2,

  • to the left of the Club office door on the squash balcony, and

  • in the Club office.

The Club ensures that the fire extinguishers are properly maintained and checked at regular intervals.

First Aid

Please refer to the “Guidelines for Dealing with an Incident/Accident” and other information relating to First Aid posted on the Tennis Noticeboards under the Clubmark section and on the Squash noticeboards.

Other Health and Safety Matters

  1. The Club seeks to provide a secure environment for its members, employees, contractors and visitors. To meet this objective, overall security of the Clubhouse and the grounds is periodically reviewed by the Club Committee. This includes taking appropriate measures to ensure that the Club’s facilities are only being used by members, their guests and/or other legitimate users (eg. visiting teams, those competing in open or county tournaments hosted at the Club, etc).

  1. The Club also ensures that its sports facilities (including court surfaces), public areas within the Clubhouse, equipment and electrical appliances, heating, water supplies, etc. are properly maintained to the correct standards and that where required relevant safety certificates are issued.

  1. With regard to the Clubhouse, generally employees and/or other officials of the Club who may be present are responsible for securing the Clubhouse at night. If, however, you should find that you are the last person/group to leave, it is imperative that you ensure all windows and patio doors are fastened, all internal lights are switched off and that the front door to the building is properly secure.

  1. If, at any time, you should observe anything which gives cause for concern, this should be reported promptly to the Club Manager or, if he is not available, to one of the Committee Chairmen.

  1. If the matter giving concern appears to be more serious in nature or is an emergency, then please contact the appropriate emergency service or services immediately by dialling 999 and providing them with the name and address of the Club as set out below:

Chesham Bois Lawn Tennis & Squash Club,  Woodfield Park (The Beeches), Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5QQ

  1. Use of the Kitchen – it is important that appropriate standards of hygiene are maintained when using the kitchen. Accordingly, please ensure that you have read the Food Standards Agency information sheet provided.


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