Club WiFi

wirelessThe Club is pleased to provide free wireless Internet access to its members and visitors.  Please see the restrictions on use at the bottom of this page.

To use the Club’s WiFi HotSpot connect to the wireless access point; CBLTSC, wait for the login screen to appear.  Accept the Terms and enter the password (posted on the bar notice board and the entrance hall)

Usage and Restrictions.

Each session has a 2 hour time limit, you may reconnect after this to gain a further 2 hours. 

The system logs all website access and CBLTSC  account usage with a date and time stamp registered against the MAC address associated with the users device; Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet etc.  However, It does not log or retain any personal data whatsoever, be it email content, email addressing (To / From ), correspondence via Social Media sites (Twitter / Facebook) or any personal details associated with login access to websites, bank accounts etc.

There is no download limit other than the limit imposed by our service provider, BT, under their fair use policy and restrictions.  If a user is deemed to have broken the fair use policy then their account will be locked permanently.

Download speed has been limited to approx. 2Mb / user, this ensures adequate bandwidth is available to the largest number of users during periods of high use.

If there is a problem with your account or you have difficulty in creating one or you have forgotten your details please the contact form in the ‘About Us’ tab.

WiFi Terms of Use