Junior Tennis Section at CBLTSC

CBLTSC offers opportunities to play tennis for members and non-members alike, but we hope you will join to take advantage of some of the benefits below.  (Please see here for details on membership categories and costs.)


*** Update given the covid-19 situation **

At present (30/06) most of the activities detailed below are not possible due to restrictions on group sizes.  Additionally, the LTA have cancelled all organised events up until at least July 26.

Junior squads have been able to resume with limited numbers in each session to comply with regulations.  Due to the current lack of clubhouse and facilities these are also of shorter duration than previously – please contact Pete Lavery and Matt Reid for more information.

Internal competitions are possible and for juniors there is a junior box league for players comfortable with yellow ball.  Players will be responsible for arranging their own fixtures each month (Normally two matches against a similar level of opposition)  Please enter via MMM or contact Louise Dobby on louise.dobby@hotmail.co.uk to find out more.  Additionally,  there is a new family league beginning in July – one parent and child for each team.  Again this is for juniors comfortable with yellow ball and the aim would be to play two matches per month.  Again enter via MMM or contact Yanjie Wang for more information

*** Please remember when organising matches and generally playing at the club that at present there are no indoor facilities (toilets / changing / water) so come prepared to play and bring hand sanitiser etc as needed. ***




Junior Nights

Every Friday night in term time is junior night with the opportunity for all age groups to take part in free sessions on court with a coach. Please be aware that these sessions are not coaching but fun drills, point playing and games designed to keep the kids happy and engaged in the game of tennis!  If you just want to come down and have a game with your friends then juniors have priority on all courts.  The kitchen is run by a team of volunteers and opens on Fridays to stock hot food and treats.  The bar is also open for the adults while the juniors play and this normally proves a popular option!

Junior night session times

5:30-6:00 3-6 years old
6:00-6:45 7-10 years old
6:45-7:45 11 years old onwards

Coached Sessions

There are lots of options for those looking to improve their game, with a fully qualified and experienced coaching team at the club.

Drop-ins:  Saturday morning drop-ins are a great way to improve and have fun with a qualified coach on hand but without having to make a regular commitment.  As a member these cost just £3 a session. (Non-members are also welcome for £5) Come along on Saturdays at the following times:

09:00-10:00 Red Ball
10:00-11:00 Orange and Green Ball
11:00-12:00 Yellow Ball

Squads: For those who are starting to take their tennis more seriously, there are a huge range of squads available where you sign up for a termly course of lessons.  As a member you receive a discount on these squads.  Please see here for a list of squads and times – or talk to Pete Lavery to find out more.

Holiday Camps

These run most holidays with a variety of options and times available (eg full day, half day). As a member you are also entitled to a discount.  Please talk to Pete Lavery to find out more about what is coming up in the next holiday

Club Kit

Club kit is available to buy for members.  T-shirts, Caps and Hoodies are all on offer and the Hoodies can be customised with your name if you choose.  Please see here for a look at what’s on offer (plus see them being worn all around the club!)

Please complete an order form if you would like to make a purchase – in the past one big order has been collated at the beginning of the season, but we are investigating the possibility of individuals ordering their own kit through the year – watch this space!


As a member, you are automatically entitled to take part in the following events:

Mini Tennis Open (MTO) for Under 10’s

This is a monthly event giving the younger members of the club a chance to play matches against each other in a friendly environment. The emphasis is on participation and practicing all those things the coaches have been telling you! It’s a great stepping stone into competition, with points awarded for each match played, each point won and a bonus for fair play. It is run by the coaching staff but parents should be prepared to help score.  Results will also go forward to the LTA to count towards mini tennis ratings.  Tea, coffee and cakes are normally provided for parents and competitors.

MTO dates and times for 2019-2020 season

Team Tennis

This takes place in the spring and summer and is a chance to join with friends and represent Chesham Bois against other local clubs.  Teams are entered for every level and age– the coaches will help decide which team and standard is suitable for you.  Organisation for this kicks off in the winter – if you are interested, please contact Louise on louise.dobby@hotmail.co.uk to find out more.

** Teams are currently being formed for team tennis 2020.  If you wish to be included or find out more please contact louise.dobby@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible – teams need to be submitted in January and although it may be possible to add individuals to existing teams after that date,  it won’t be possible to add new teams.  **


Road to Wimbledon

For under 14’s this a competition where you play opposition initially at club and county level with the possibility of getting to play at Wimbledon in the final rounds – last year one of our members successfully won through to compete at the All England Club so it might not be as far away as you think! Please contact Yanjie on yanjiewang2002@hotmail.com (entries are normally considered in the spring)

Other competitions

There are many other fun competitions for members organised by the coaching team: Team challenge for yellow ball players, the Quorn family cup, Waves competition and of course the Club Championships. Please see the news feed below for upcoming special events.

     Upcoming events

January 2020  Team Tennis :

We will be putting together teams for Junior Team Tennis throughout January.  This is a fantastic event where you can represent Chesham Bois in friendly competition against other clubs in Bucks.  The matches themselves don’t start until late April, but the deadline for team entries is the end of Jan so if you are interested then please contact Louise at louise.dobby@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible (and talk to the coaching team to find out more – they will endeavour to make sure you are put in a team at the right level for your standard of play)

Sun Dec 19th: MTO : Mini Tennis Open 1-3pm –  Next installment of the mini tennis Open – a friendly competition for all levels of Mini players.  Score points for matches played, points won and fair play. Assistants will be on hand to organize matches but parents please come prepared to help with scoring and set-up.