Chesham Bois Lawn Tennis & Squash Club (Tennis Section)

Rules of Play and Conduct

General Rules

  1. No other game but tennis is allowed on court or club grounds, except under the direct supervision of a coach.
  2. Non members are allowed on club premises ONLY as guests of members. See Terms of Membership.
  3. Tennis members are not allowed in the squash courts except as squash members or under squash rules.
  4. Unattended Juniors are not allowed on club premises after 21.00.
  5. No food or drink, except water is allowed on court.
  6. Mobile phones must be switched off if taken on court.
  7. Players should not walk behind any tennis match in progress but should wait until the game in progress is finished or if waved past by the players on court.
  8. Do not recover or request the return of balls from neighbouring gardens. CBLTSC have agreed with neighbours that balls will be returned at their convenience.
  9. Only the Tennis Director, his staff or members authorised by the Tennis Director are allowed to coach at the Club
  10. Only recognised tennis clothing is acceptable on court. To ensure the court surfaces are not damaged, players must wear appropriate tennis footwear with flat, non-marking soles.


The Tennis Section complies with Sport England standards through its policies and procedures.  These include a Code of Practice for Parents and Guardians and a Code of Practice for Young People.  Copies of these Codes are available for reference in the Clubhouse and should be followed whilst on Club premises.  The Club has also adopted agreed policies for the Safeguarding of Adults and Children, Use of Photographic Equipment and Images of Children, Equality and Health & Safety which are available on request from any member of the Tennis Section Committee.  All members are expected to abide by these policies and procedures whilst on Club premises.

With respect to safeguarding, any issues that may arise should be referred to the Tennis Section’s Welfare Officer, Denise Kolb  – Email: or telephone 07739 458504.

Court Priority

 The following priorities for courts have been agreed by the Tennis Committee:

  1. Inter-Club matches (senior and junior) take priority over any other Club activities, with senior matches taking priority over junior matches.
  2. Junior members have priority on Courts 3 and 7 at all times, except on Friday after 8pm.
  3. Friday night is Junior Night where junior members have priority on all courts after 5pm, except for Courts 3 and 7 as above where senior members have priority after 8pm.
  4. The coaching team has priority on Court 11 at all times.
  5. Other priorities are as set out in the Weekly Programme

Free courts may be used by any member, but if there are members waiting for a court on which they have priority, they may ask those on court to vacate the court at the end of the game in progress.   Members asking players to vacate a court over which they have priority should act reasonably and courteously when requesting the court and, similarly, players asked to vacate a court under priority rules should do so equally courteously.